Autun, ville romaine

Augustodunum was founded at the end of the Ist century by the emperor Augustus.

From what was built at that time, you can still admire the 5 kms long fortification walls, the Saint-André and d'Arroux doors, the Roman theater (which is one of the biggest ones ever built), the Janus temple and the Couhard stone, leaning over a necropolis. The St Lazare cathedral was ericted in the Middle Ages (1120), and shelters sculptures by Gislebertus (the Last Judgement tympan, the "Eve Couchée", the "Fuite en Egypte", the "Sommeil des Mages").

A lot of medieval buildings can still be found around the cathedral today. There are also constructions from the XVth and XVIIth centuries, and some famous persons spent some time in Autun, such as Nicolas Rolin (Duke of Burgundy Chancellor), Napoleon and Talleyrand, who was Bishop of Autun.